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Our Services

A few things we’re great at

People at Clear Maze Technologies have been around Digital World for a while. Throughout that entire time frame they as individuals, as proffessionals, have always been dedicated to being leaders in their fields.

Now, Clear Maze Technologies People are joining their competences to create oustanding digital services for you.

Software tailored to what users really need

No one-size-fits-all solutions. No prebuilt templates, or themes. We custom design any product for for the specific audience and purpose.


Outstanding user experiences across all devices

“Do not guess – Test! ” We are using most advanced technics like Service Design, Octalysis Gamification Framework, to engineering outstanding User Experiences.


We don’t take quality for granted, we build it!

Committed to quality, we always run full-range of software testing such as functional testing or automated testing. Our QA capabilities cover the full software development lifecycle.

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Our servies are built around the 3D concept.

Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and Digital Experience.

3D is the best approach for your digital growth,  the best strategic thinking, creative and content excellence, deep digital technology acumen, all together to power results for marketing, communications and technology companies.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the key component of any effective online marketing strategy. We are specialized in creating and maintaining engaging digital media campaigns.


Meaningful insights, address essential needs, connect with customers emotionally, provide competitive advantages. Out team can quickly identify and activate your strategic opportunity.


Build authentic community among your customers, employees and partners through various type of interactions. We take any opportunity to interact with your audiance, connect and grow together.


We identify the new trendy topics among your audiance, we partitioning and deliver through most appropiate channels.


Manage hystorical data and your business metrics and KPI’s in a way that will drive your digital grow.

Consultancy and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the key for solving your business problems that you haven’t encountered before. going on that path without a guide could be costly and time consuming and you still aren’t sure if what you’re doing is going to end up wasting your time and your money. That’s why businesses hire consultants for support in the first place.


A comprehensive, customized report designed to help your organization leverage digital to effectively meet strategic goals.


An up to date infrastructure means platforms that manage communications, data, workflows, resources and budgets to grow your marketing or sales performances and adapt to ever-changing digital landscape.


We work with leading marketing and sales technologies including Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Amazon or Hubspot to compliment open software such as Hadoop, Spark, WordPress or Drupal when deploying effective solutions for marketing automation and sales. We integrate the new tech with legacy systems, develop the missing pieces and build bridges between channels.


In today’s competitive environment, companies must continuously improve the way they do business to remain relevant and competitive.

If you don’t, you risk higher costs, lower revenues, less engaged employees, and less satisfied customers.

Once you decide that you need an evaluation, we understand your “as is” process and design the “to be” process. 


Whether using Salesforce, Microsoft or other technologies, we assist you in architecting, deploying, configuring, integrating, evolving, and administering a CRM platform customized to your needs and your market space.


Growth and revenue predictability depend on many factors. A critical one is the way your leads are managed throughout the marketing and sales pipeline. We provide the business and technical acumen to engineer lead scoring, lead qualification, lead routing, lead recycling and other optimizing processes for lead generation in particular, and lead management generally.

Digital Experience

From concept to completion, If can be built with pixels and code, we’ll do it! We deliver memorable digital experience through most important digital platforms.


Information architecture, site mapping, wireframing, prototyping and usability testing, we all do having users’ experience in mind.


Everything we create is specifically to meet clients’ business goals, and delivering wonderful experience to their audience. No one-size-fits-all solutions. Whatever your needs are, our agile and flexible teams can accommodate it!


Cross platform development is an unparalleled phenomenon in the app development market: run accross platform apps, faster time-to-market, better ROI.


When off-the-shelf products cannot cover your specific business needs, our business analysis and development teams will handle all the nuances and hidden risks in a single, integrated software.

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